David Cluett

David Cluett


Dave Cluett started with Tamarack in 2003 in an estimating role and gradually moved into the project management role. Prior to 1990 Dave worked in Southern Ontario holding positions in the aerospace and nuclear industries where he honed his skills in that highly meticulous work environment. The lure of the lakes, forests and natural beauty of Muskoka brought Dave and his family to Muskoka in 1988.

Prior to joining Tamarack Dave developed his construction knowledge working on many high profile large commercial construction projects such as Disney World Florida, Disney Hotels in Florida, Universal Studios Theme Park, and Las Vegas Casinos and Hotels, and Municipal Court Houses. Dave specialized in coordinating construction of themed façades and store fixtures. Dave in his previous employ was chosen to be recognized by the Association of Building Contractors of Florida for his work on Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Hotel Atrium and the Osceola County Courthouse.

Dave’s many years spent working on highly specialized construction projects makes him well suited to attend to the construction of a broad array unique and highly stylized luxury summer residences which dot the beautiful Muskoka Landscape. Dave is married with two children and is an active volunteer with youth in Muskoka and when he has the time enjoys nordic skiing, sailing, golf, hockey and keeping his wife’s old Italian sports car in pristine condition for touring through Muskoka.