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Designing Peace in Muskoka

Using their own in-house architect/designer and Bracebridge landscape specialists Rockscape Design, Tamarack has created an irresistible ‘playground’ for boisterous sports lovers and partygoers. After following the meandering stone walkway and crossing the manmade stream on a 20-foot wooden bridge, visitors know they are in ‘another place’. The Douglas fir pavilion boasts a full kitchen with warming drawers, microwave, dual ovens and countertop keg and tap. The durable floor is a wood-impressed concrete surface, beautifully designed and installed by Rowland Concrete Services.

While there is no lack of ‘indoor’ comforts, the partially open sided perimeter has motorized bug screens to keep pests out while allowing the soft Muskoka air to filter through. Outdoor showers will help slough off game sweat and a hot tub, decked out in “ironwood” ipe, sits beside the pavilion, ready to soothe muscles strained from 2 a.m. beach volleyball games-played under night lighting that also serves the tennis court.

Tamarack again capitalized on blast rock from the original excavation and prepared a level bed for the tennis court. The 15-acre property was already extensively landscaped but still had the space to site the pavilion and sports surfaces so that Mom has her peaceful Muskoka residence and the ‘kids’ get their fun space.

And that is what Chris Madden enjoys so much about this latest addition to his professional career. “It’s been a lot of fun. Our clients have such varying backgrounds and interests- it is a pleasure to bring their vision to reality.” Given the impressive array of completed projects, we think that the team at Tamarack North will continue to create spectacular outdoor living spaces for years to come.